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<span style="font-weight: bold;">Events Phography</span><br>
Events Phography
 Certain moments in life should never be forgotten. Our event photography will capture the magical moments of your special event and adding a touch of creativity, we will create astonishing photographs that will keep your memories alive.
Personal And Family Portraits<span style="font-weight: bold;">&nbsp;</span><br>
Personal And Family Portraits 
Give us your best smile! Each stage of life has its beauty, let our photography capture that beauty, and you will never forget the smiles of your loved ones in that special moment of life. family, pets, individaual and groups welcome.
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A Photo Session 

A photo session is not just about capturing the best angle and gestures of the person in front of our cameras. It is also about discovering the beauty and singularity of each person or instance. We enjoy shooting and unveiling the traces that make each person unique. We want you to enjoy this experience as much as we do. Each session last about an hour but extened times are not charged.

A Event Session

A Event Session is about not just capturing a single moment but a serious of moment that tells a story of you. Each event is treated with the utmost care, capturing all the big moments and event and giving you a story of you event in the photos. Living each moment again later. There are different packages aviaible and you are never charged for the time.

Size #of poses package number Price
1 package 1A
 16X20 1 package 2A
13X19 1 package 3A $35 
8X10 1 package 4A $15
5X7 1 package 5A $10
5X7 **bundle 2
package 6A $16
4X6 1 package 7A $5
**bundle 6
package 8A $25
3.5X5 1 package 9A $3
3.5X5 **bundle 3
package 10A $8
2X3 1 package 11A $2
2X3 **bundle 5
package 12A $8
** bundle is same as poses

Magnet Portraits & More

Sizes # of poses package number Price
5X7 1 package 1B $12
4X6 1 package 2B $8
3.5X5 1 package 3B $6
2X3 1 package 4B $4
CD includes 15 poses
package 5B $80

Mounted Photos

Size # of poses package number Price
20X30 1
package 1C
16X20 1 package 2C $50
12X18 1 package 3C $40
11X14 1
package 4C $35
8X20 1 package 5C $30
8X10 1 package 6C $20
5X7 1 package 7C $15


package # of photo package number Price
1 1-99
package E1 $150
2 100-199 package E2 $200
3 200-299 package E3 $350
4 300+ package E4 $500
All Event packages come with a free CD

Special O­­ffers


Free 45 Min Session

with purchase of 16X20

use Promo code FREE45 in session request form

Service Area

We cover all of Florida from Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, South Florida, Miami, Keys. Distance longer than 200 miles will incur travel charges, outside of state is also available please require within for quotes on travel prices if you are more than 200 miles from Ocala FL.

Schedual Session
in the packages section please specifiy each package number you want: exp (1A, 2A, 3B, etc...)